KATÉA kerää osakseen huippuarvioita

Katéa Louder

Katéan debyytti EP Louder ja samaa nimeä kantava single ovat keränneet osakseen huippuarvioita ulkomaisessa musiikkimediassa:

”In keeping with the sound of her debut, she has maintained the soulful style that she wowed us all with initially. On ’Louder’ though, she´s upped the tempo quite considerably, and even managed to shoehorn in an almighty key change. Which we´re very grateful of course. Her debut EP comes out on April 22nd. And based on the strenght of her first two singles, it´s BLATANTLY going to be amazing.”

Anthem Review:

”Built on five tracks of stunning quality, ’Louder’ is an EP that instantly makes you stand and take notice, offering cinematic vocals that flow through cascading electronics, soaring pop sounds, and an infectious intensity”


”Taking no prisoners, the recording is a grandeur selection of pop balanced with KATÉA´s deep and sultry vocals that is definitely top chart worthy material.”

Kuuntele Louder EP:

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