Hybrid Children

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Sami Peura
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Life hasn’t always been DANCING ON ROSES for these ragged street punks, but after numerous adventures and mishaps on the MEDICINE TRAIN and the seedy streets of Helsinki, they are ready to release their 7th full lenght album and FIGHT AS ONE to the end.

FIGHT AS ONE is truly a new beginning for HYBRID CHILDREN, the current line-up is tighter than ever, and the band’s live performances are filled with new-found raw energy.

From the opening track’s exploding statement to the softer THESE ARE THE MOMENTS I’M LIVING FOR, the new album contains 11 songs that define the band’s message to the world: Punk is not dead, we’re not left OUT ON THE WASTELAND and the FIRE ALWAYS BURNS IN US.


Albums 1993-2009:

Fight As One (2009)
Ghost Town Carnival (2004)
Hybrid Moments (2001)
Stardom Is Here (1999)
Drugster (1998)
Uncensored Teenage Hardcore (1996)
Honeymoon In Babylon (1994)
Bleed Baby Bleed (1993)

JASSE: vocals & guitar
PALE: bass
SASKA: drums
JUHO: guitar

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