Kevin Tandu

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Pekka Karppinen
+358 (0)50 381 3183

Sami Peura
+358 (0)40 590 0290

Kevin Tandu is a new rising star in Finland’s music scene. He’s only 19 years old but has already been involved in the rap scene for six years as a musician and an event organizer. Kevin is known as a determined and hardworking person, his mantra being: “Never give up! Every obstacle only makes me try again and harder.”

“Huomenta Suomi” is Kevin’s first single and you may already know it from Ylex radio station. This easy-going party anthem will make the sun shine even brighter, as the lyrics tell about a young man’s life in today’s Finland. Kevin has also published a song called “Kesäloma” in 2012, and the music video has gained remarkable popularity in YouTube. At the moment Kevin is working on his debut album.


Huomenta Suomi:

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