Jack and the Daniels

Website: www.jatd.net

Sami Peura
+358 (0)40 590 0290

Jack and the Daniels is a tru-school soul band born way back in the mid-90’s. Starting off as a four man group it has grown from a tight-knit rythm section into a full-blown soul extravaganza, with fresh and tasty arrangements of classic soul nuggets worth their groove in gold.

Seedy student mess halls have given way to night clubs and arenas, and this band of sisters and brothers is picking up momentum like a landslide.

The Hit Squad is still laying down the law with Thomas the Funk Engine back on drums, Mike Lollipop on bass and Wah-Wah on guitar.

The infamous brass monkeys known as The JD Horns and their addictive horn hooks spice things up, courtesy of Doc – tenor saxophone, Double-U – baritone and alto sax and Pete the Bartender on tin and juice a.k.a. the trumpet.

The Jackettes – Mary and Jane on the vocals bring the stew to a boil. Catered by that souldier of love and all things funky, preacher man Jack, this bunch of funk keeps spreading the words of Otis, Stevie, Sam and Dave through-out the western hemisphere.

Jack and the Daniels is deeply rooted in the rythm and the blues of grooves from Hitsville, U.S.A and the Stax of soul classics piled down South. They bring new perspective to age old concepts of expressing yourself like you’re too hard to handle and looking for a love in the midnight hour.

The group’s passion and devotion for redemption by sweating it out on stage brings audiences of all ages and preferences together night after night and keeps the audiences yerning for more. And they won’t stop until each and every hole in each and every soul is filled with the same celebration of music, life and love.

By their standards, this is truly the only way to spread some love around!

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