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Sami Peura
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In 2007 Samu wanted to play hardcore punk with a hint of humour in it. The songs, however quickly attain their form as metal. The humour was forgotten and the songs were recorded half-seriously; no drinking allowed in studio. Heikki, JP and Ilkka join in. For the demo, drum tracks were recorded by Pekka Koskelo (from Vacant Coffin, Hooded Menace) because of Ilkka’s hand injury. The songs required fast guitar solos making Harri the right person for the job. With these people, a four-song demo was recorded and spread with limited quantity. This demo got extremely positive feedback and it was played in a variety Finnish radio channels. Resulting from the success that was formed, the band was to be continued.

The band reached its current form in the beginning of 2008. The band started to work on new material immediately after the demo had been recorded after this, the band begun to regularly get together. Material started to form quickly and a complete album was agreed to be made in a professional manner. The recording sessions for Ne, joista ei puhuta begun in January 2009. The recordings were made ready with own work force and Dan Swanö did the mixing and mastering for the album. The reviews for the album were each better than other resulting as the band making a recording contract with Sound Of Finland. Ne, joista ei puhuta was released at the date 2010 so the album was ready a year before the actual launch. This album also got its part on the radio waves of Finland. Especially a program called Kaarle ja Erno raskaana from the channel YleX had received the album as their own. Summer of 2010 was full of gigs around Finland. After the summer, the band created new material. Recording sessions for the second full album, Musta, kylmä, syvä ja samea, were begun in March 2011. Intensive two and half months were spent on this record. This album was created with a zero tolerance to mistakes. The album was recorded with larger sessions as from a man to another. Ne, joista ei puhuta was more of old school death/trash while the new album became more technical, with more twist in it making it more entertaining and perhaps even more versatile. Both the artists and the conductor were satisfied with the outcome. This new album was also mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö.

Listen to “Ovat Uneni Veren Tahrimat”:

Samu Männikkö – Vocals
Heikki Matero – Guitar
Juho-Pekka Lappalainen – Bass
Ilkka Nissinen – Drums
Harri Granqvist – Guitar

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