Tecnical rider: Vanguard lavakartta

Rami Hirvelä
+358 (0)40 487 4644


Spawned into being at the turn of the millennia, Vanguard started it’s musical refinement to create a coallition of raw power, massive momentum and beauty. Their victory in a band contest at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival earned them the chance to forge Succumbra – the band’s debute album. Recorded and mixed in Hamburg at Tornado studios, mastered at Alex Krull’s Mastersound studio, and released in 2005, the first steps were taken to bring this force of nature into the world. After their debut, the band reformed its rhythm section and played gigs at festivals like Tuska Open Air in Finland, Wacken Open Air in Germany and club gigs here and there including a couple of dominations in Russia. Soon after their reformation and live work, Vanguard parted with their german record label Armageddon Music, after its split into two different record companies. The band entered D-Studios in Finland to start working on their second album in the summer of 2007. No compromises were made and the follow-up named Hydralchemy was perfected in a year. The finishing touches were added by Minerva Pappi at the legendary Finnvox Studios. It was then released by Shadowworld Records in the beginning of 2009. At the start of 2010 Vanguard is back in the studio working on their third album and booking gigs in between recordings.

Suvi G: vocals
J. Grym: vocals
Mikko Seppänen: guitar
Tonmi Lillman: drums
Pusa: bass
Aapo Romu: cello

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